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Worlds best reproduction Kawasaki KX Plastic

vintage kawasaki KX MX KX125 KX250 KX400 KX420 KX450 Old school Kawi

Perfect fit ~ Perfect finish!





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Radiator Shrouds And Side Plates

1982-1983 KX125 radiator shroud $54.95


1984-1985 KX125 radiator shroud $54.95

1983 KX250 radiator shrouds $79.95

1984 KX250 radiator shroud $79.95

1985-1986 KX250 radiator shroud $79.95

We have all radiator shrouds 1987 and up from Italy

Just E-mail us for pricing and availability.


Side Plates


1974-1976 KX125 side plates $74.95

1975 -1976 KX250 KX400 side plates $ 69.95

1978 KX125, KX250 side plates $69.95

1979 KX125, KX250 side plates $74.95


1979 KX80 side plates $69.95



1980-1981 side plates with airbox cover $89.95

1982-1984 KX125, KX250, KX500 side plates $54.95


(OEM does not have air vents OURS DOES fits perfect)

1984 KX125 and 1985 KX125, 1986 KX250, KX500 side plates


(OEM does not have air vents OURS DOES)

1986 KX126 side plates $79.95

1987 side plates $79.95

1988-1989 side plates $79.95

We have all the side plates for 1990 and up KXs

Just E-mail us for pricing.





Key Benefits

bulletHigh gloss shiny plastic
bulletperfect fit
bulletperfect finish






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